The 2020s Will Be the Decade of Africa, Especially Tanzania

Ward Holdings International (WHI) is proud to share with all our followers the riveting video “Africa and the World” Ted Talk by Mallence Bart-Williams.

We, WHI, believe the 2020’s will be the decade of Africa, and especially Tanzania!

Tanzania is a country endowed with some of the world’s best and most fertile soil for agricultural products. Tanzania has rich and abundant natural resources such as valuable raw materials, rare minerals and precious metals. And, Tanzania has youth and female demographic cohorts driving their “new age” workforce. Tanzania will be one of the leading forces in “A New Day and A New Way” in this decade of Africa!

WHI is partnering with the people, the government, the private sector and other stakeholders to utilize our global expertise and know-how to walk “hand in hand” with our brothers and sisters in the Motherland of the human race to bring forth A New Day and A New Way!

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