“Tanzania – The Soul of A New Africa”

Ward Holdings International, LLC (WHI) recognized the numerous opportunities to learn more about the beautiful country of Tanzania and its people during a visit by WHI executives, who immediately established Ward Holdings Tanzania Limited (WHT) in January 2020.  Since then, the WHI and WHT teams have been intrigued and captivated by the annual premium Tanzania cashew nuts harvest and the existing opportunities to assist in the transformation and industrialization of the cashew nut sub-sector in the bountiful agricultural economy.  We have developed numerous relationships with various Tanzanian stakeholders, including the farmers, processors, private business owners, entrepreneurs and government officials, to better understand its people and the communities where we are establishing partnerships.

“Tanzania – The Soul of A New Africa” tells the story of why WHI and WHT believe that 2020 began and will continue the decade of significant progress for all things Africa and specifically, Tanzania!

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