Jonathan Webb

Managing Director

Ward Holdings Capital Partners, LLC

Jonathan Webb has over 30 years of experience in investment banking and private equity. His core competencies include M&A, capital raising and principal investing.  He is a co-founder of Legacy Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: “LGC”), a $300 million Special Purpose Acquisition Company (“SPAC”).  Mr. Webb co-led the acquisition of Quality Control Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial precision parts. While on the board, he led the acquisitions of Numerical Precision Inc., A&K Machining and the Woodward Parts Division. Additionally, he served as Chairman of The LOM Group, which developed high performance lighting systems for MRAP military vehicles.  Mr. Webb was a Managing Director in mergers & acquisitions at Duff & Phelps, Vice President at Lehman Brothers and worked in other roles at Oppenheimer & Company and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Oppenheimer.  He studied finance at Morehouse College and has a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School.