Introducing Changquan Lu and His Chinese Business Eco-System

/Introducing Changquan Lu and His Chinese Business Eco-System

Introducing Changquan Lu and His Chinese Business Eco-System

The Real Deal by Lloyd D. Ward

Business Insights Beyond the News

Jan. 28, 2019

Vol. 1 Issue 3

My friend and business associate, Changquan Lu of Beijing, founded his marketing firm just 15 years ago and has built it into a multi-faceted organization that capitalizes on the potential of some of the best business minds in China.

Today, ZANBO Marketing Management Consulting Co. has 100 employees and serves as the foundation for Mr. Lu’s 350-strong business network, entitled ZANBO Intellectual Capital Ecosystem (ZICE). He describes ZICE as a “sharing platform for entrepreneur development.”

ZICE comprises one investment management company, two pre-IPO companies, 30 LCQ (Lu Changquan) entrepreneur disciples, 350 elite entrepreneurs, and a total production value of 300 billion RMB. It doesn’t stop there. Mr. Lu has an ambitious five-year plan. I have no doubt he will realize his plan given his acumen and reach. By 2024, ZICE will:

1 – Create one exclusive fund management company for the entire eco-system
10 – Establish 10 IPO companies on Chinese and overseas stock exchanges
100 – Provide support to 100 LCQ entrepreneur disciples
1,000 – Nurture 1,000 elite marketing-oriented entrepreneurs
10,000 – Create 1000 billion RMB production value

The ZICE method works because the emphasis is on action: “execution instead of brainstorming,” Mr. Lu says. “ZANBO has the rare capability to resolve business problems in real time.”
As one of three international consultants to ZICE, I have been invited to deliver a keynote speech at the upcoming ZICE conference in Beijing on February 25, 2019. I will discuss a topic that is of great interest to Mr. Lu’s network: Gaining access to U.S. capital and IPOs.

Mr. Lu is an accomplished author, university lecturer and marketing consultant. He is considered one of the most influential corporate strategic thinkers in China. He pioneered some of the most innovative marketing methods for the Chinese market. In his best-selling book, “Solve,” Mr. Lu states, “Marketing is ultimately the solution to competition.”

Through his lectures at Tsinghua University and Haier Business College, Mr. Lu reaches some 15,000 students and entrepreneurs each year. He also leads marketing research at Peking University.
Before founding ZANBO, Mr. Lu held executive marketing and strategy positions at Yili Group, Zambon Group in Italy, China Giant Group and CCTV.

I have been involved in Chinese business for nearly 25 years and lived in Beijing for two of those years. During that time, I met Mr. Lu and came to immediately understand his mission and appreciate the mutual Chinese-American opportunities.

Since 2006, I have been a member of the Beijing Economic Development Council. This appointment gives me additional insight into worthwhile investment opportunities, which over the years have existed to varying degrees. But today, with the changing environment and President Xi’s eight-point economic plan, I believe they are stronger than ever. (See: The Real Deal by Lloyd D. Ward, Jan. 24. Vol. 1 Issue 2).