Dr. Velva Boles

Chief Technology Officer

Ward Holdings International, LLC

During her career, Velva Boles, MD, PhD, has held numerous positions in academia, medicine and scientific research.  Dr. Bole’s teaching experiences include: Biochemistry Department Colorado State University; School of Nursing in Fort Collins, Colorado; Chemistry Department LSU-Alexandria and Biology Department Upper Iowa University.  She served as Visiting Researcher at the Center for Disease Control Zoonotic Division in Fort Collins, Colorado investigating HantaVirus, Lyme Disease & Dengue Fever and was Sr Scientist for Westinghouse, Sr Marketing Consultant for Gulf Oil and Quality Control Specialist for Water Transit Solutions.  As an entrepreneur, Dr. Boles has owned and operated primary care clinics in Louisiana, South Carolina, and Missouri; is credentialed as a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Agent (CLIA) and Certified Forensic Medical Investigator.  Dr. Boles received her medical doctorate degree (MD) from the University of Pittsburgh, doctorate of philosophy degree (PhD) in Health Sciences from Concordia University, Master’s Degree in Chemistry from Duquesne University and Bachelor of Science Degree from North Carolina State University.