Akinwumi Adesina Speaks On The Mission of the African Development Bank

Ward Holdings International, LLC (WHI), a market maker, is in complete agreement with the visions, objectives and goals articulated by the distinguished Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank, to industrialize countries throughout the African continent by utilizing the rich resources in each country and capture the value-added monetization of the bountiful rich and fertile soils, natural resources, rare minerals and precious metals on the continent.

WHI is a global company committed to the development and advancement of African countries, specifically Tanzania, via industrialization of its extensive agriculture industry and high value crops.  WHI is advancing an “end-to-end” integrated supply chain called “Seed to Global Market” beginning with the cashewnut sub-sector, to produce the world’s best cashew nuts, support and empower farmers and villages, build value-added processing and consumer packaging in Tanzania and produce Tanzanian branded cashew nut products to be sold directly into the global market.

The distinguishing feature of the WHI Seed to Global Market supply chain is its unique approach which shares the economic benefits with the farmers, the villages, micro and in-country processors, resulting in a strong economic platform that will improve the lives and human conditions of all Tanzanians for decades into the future.

When Tanzania and its People WIN, we all WIN!

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