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Our Mission

To build bridges among entrepreneurs in the United States, China, India and Africa. We provide access to capital and advisory resources to fuel great ideas and improve the human condition around the world.

Who We Are

Ward Holdings International, LLC is an international capital partner firm, conducting mergers and acquisitions and providing consultation and advisory services. We match small- and mid-cap businesses in the United States, China, India and Africa with public and private resources, leveraging important relationships and creating intergenerational wealth for all constituents.

What We Do

We invest in businesses with innovative products and services with cross-border market appeal that will make a positive impact on the earth.

We aggregate and deploy capital from investors to entrepreneurs.

We vet businesses to ensure their profitability, their growth potential and the opportunities and risks to win in business and create value for shareholders.

We target companies that deliver outsized returns to investors – an average of 3x cash-on-cash return for a five-year investor.

Our Values

We believe that value is created when partners reach across cultures and geographical borders. Our business fundamentals are built on bridges connecting investors, enterprises, and communities for the betterment of all humankind.